For Sale (or trade)

Most recently updated on 2/9/08.

Please e-mail me at and make a bid. No reasonable offer will be turned down. These items are all taking space in my attic, and need to be moved, so please help by making an offer...Pictures will be emailed upon request.

Maverick Parts:

2 full sets of windshield trim, clean and straight

Passenger fender trim from comet, clean and straight (this runs the length of the fender, not down by the wheelwell)

Stock shock tower braces, manual brakes

Set of green windshield visors (need repair on the little stick that sticks out with the rubber tip)

2 stock 14" hubcaps, decent, but not perfect condition (would make great clocks!)

Full set of non-HEI 8mm Accel spark plug wires, with distributor cap

Full set of HEI 8mm spark plug wires with HEI distributor cap

Full set (minus 1 wire) 8mm HEI spark plug wires (free, just pay for shipping and packaging)

3 rear taillights

Power steering gear box

full set of 1.6 stamped steel rockers from GT40/P heads

full set of GT40 valves

full set of GT40P valves