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1974 Ford Maverick 302


June 2003--Finally got her home. She was my wife's great grandmother's 1974 Maverick, purchased originally from LaPorte Ford in LaPorte, TX, on 9/21/1973. Her name was Della (the great grandmother) and it only shows respect to carry on the name with this car. The family has called it the "Della-mobile" for years. She passed away about a year prior to my obtaining the car, during which time it sat outside under a hay loft at the ranch. Prior to that, it was garage kept for many years, I would guess 10 or 12, due to Della driving "through" a garage (she hit the gas rather than the brake and gave up driving after that). The garage incident is what caused most of the damage: passenger door and front fender bunged up, driver side headlight area lightly damaged, and many minor bumps and bruises from garage-kept objects falling around her. Mostly, cosmetic damage. Engine has around 55,000 original miles. Original hubcaps, tires look new but have sat around for a few years. The carb is quite gummed up and will only run (barely) after carb rebuild. Gotta keep it running so I can get it in and out of the garage to continue periodic maintenance on my daily drivers.

Hood came off first thing, since I hate working under them. It is in good shape, better than the rest of the car. I will keep it off until I finish with stage 1 of motor work, just for ease of my back and head and movement around motor compartment.

                                                                Initial Investment = 600

                                                                                       TTL = 79.80

                                                                Total Invested = 679.80



Original owner, Della Simmons


Spec Sheet

Check out some of my videos on YouTube. User name TheScooper77515

Items for sale, Maverick parts, and other things





June...intake manifold, carb, tune-up

January...speedo, bondo, headjob

March...fake cowl hood, cut shackles, timing, desired engine upgrades

January...fuel pressure gauge, burnt plug boots

July...initial brake work


April...Cam Swap, Accel wires and coil, hood pins

February...spit and sputter at full throttle

 August...valve covers

March...gauges, steering wheel, steering pump

May...rock guard, 3.80 gears, grill ornament, bucket seats rear springs/shackles/bushing, line lock, Pertronix ignition, Holley "blue" electric fuel pump

September..."dead" cylinders

April...air shocks

June...Battery in trunk

April...temporary scoop on donor hood, Monte Carlo bars, kill switch, new alternator, begin door restore

October...rear brake job, shop manual

May...first race, small bumpers

July... New 351 front coil springs, electric cooling fan (pics)

May...door and fender installed, lean leveled, vintage license plates, Anna's burnout, new rear tires

November...fuel pump, tach, pipes (pic&sound), FIRE!

June...bumpers, spoiler installed

August... 2nd new fan, lowered and cut coil springs, new starter wiring

June...Correct radiator hoses, matched driver fender, new welder

December...tank and brakes

July...remove vinyl & redo top

September... New GT40P heads, cut shock towers, Headers

July...New auto darkening welding hood, pounding out fenders, practice welding on donor door, HOT!!!


August... rear-end off for cosmetic upgrades

October...shock towers welded, heads and headers on

August...Filled trim holes on door and fenders, reassembly of "new" door, begin body work for epoxy primer


September... rear-end back on (

November...plugs, running GREAT

September...stripped and epoxy primered front fenders, first car show (2nd Place winner!)


October...front grill conversion, turn signals (pics)

December...header gaskets

October...Griffin Aluminum Radiator, header spacer, driver-side spark plug replacement guide

November..."new" rims


November...power-to-manual steering system
 radiator mount






January...lower radiator hose, front seats, floor January...assembling new engine Transmission is leaking, needs rebuilt, and finances are down along with the economy, so no work has been done since June, and very little driving, to extend the life of the tranny. February...Ed's rims, billet grille, new front lights. carpet, thermostatic radiator fan relay February/March...installing new engine, new steel distributor gear, rebuilt 600 DP carb, running again! Tuning holley dp carb, continued shimmy in drivetrain, driveshaft balanced August..."new" transmission March...Serpentine belt setup, finishing trunk with nitrous and battery box, puke tank.
March...not much April/May...fix whine in differential, new seats, big distributor cap October..."new" transmission installed, working out a minor miss. New Holley 750 Street HP, minor miss gone. 3rd Grace Church Car Show. MSD 6A, A/F gauge install, re-aligned driveshaft for quieter ride. April...Serpentine setup completed, new 3G alternator, new wiring.
April...installed ET Street slicks, Crane 1.7 roller rockers, Caltracs, -AN braided stainless fuel line June...installed new harmonic dampener, acquired new oil pan November...New tachometer, prepping for first dyno test. First dyno run. May...Doing nothing until our house sells and I can relocate the car for further work. Running well, so driving it a bit on weekends, etc.
May...installed subframe connectors   December...Fixed most of vibration with u-joint, new Wilwood master cylinder, visit from fan2488 and facelessnumber, Billet Aluminum grill, Sniper NOS kit  
June...install carpet, "new" bumpers, flowmaster Super 44 exhaust system      
July...bobcat taillights      

September...interior back in, electric fuel pump quieter bumpers and trim, 1st annual Grace Church Car Show


November...failed cam lifter, new 5.0 roller conversion


December ...GT40 heads, port and polish, engine almost done



February...Welcome back. Let's get back to work. Grabber hood. Resuming body work.


February...Rod and Custom power rack and pinion Mustang II suspension 

April...Continue R&C installation. 



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