July 2003 upgrades

Spent quite a bit on Della last month, and she is running good now, so will have to take a break this month, as per the wife!

But...Time to "start" working on those brakes. Got to be able to stop before I can GO!!!

7/03/2003 -- 2 Brake calipers (front) @ 14.69 w/lifetime warranty. I am starting to notice that stock parts for old American cars are cheap. I asked about a new A/C compressor, and the Hi-Lo guys said $198. Or, I could upgrade to a lifetime warranty compressor for $200. I wonder which would be the better deal...?

sub w/tax after core returns= 31.80

7/05/2003 -- Rear drums turned @ 8.00 each. One was only slightly out of round, the other just got a little cleaned up.

sub w/tax = 17.32

Total = 1654.71

Tuesday, My CoPilot

Honestly, I cannot leave home in the Maverick without her. She will howl and scratch at the front door until I get back, then ignore me the rest of the day.  As soon as she hears the car start up, she whines and paces in front of the garage door until I let her in the back seat.

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