August 2009

8/24/09--found a used but recently rebuilt transmission on the forum for $250. Looked at it, bought it, getting ready to find a looser converter.

Mine has leaked profusely for years, and just getting worse. And since it is the stock transmission on a much more modified new motor, I have been kinda scared to drive on it.

Currently, dropped the tranny off at a local shop to inspect it. The guy I bought it from, Chris from SAM (School of Automotive Machinists) said to pop it open and return it for cash back if it wasn't in good shape. So for one hour labor, the shop will inspect it and verify that it is worth the $250.

9/1/09--cleaned up my new transmission. Spec'd out fine at the shop. Cleaned with carb cleaner and ready to swap. Maybe this weekend when Anna is at school.



 Total (rounded) = 5100

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