December 2003

12/02/2003 -- Time to really work on the fuel tank. Before it screws up my new Fuel pump and Carb.

Lots of new fuel line, replace it all. Kept the steel line, just blew it out with my NEW AIR COMPRESSOR! Big one, really quiet, able to sandblast our old bedroom furniture without overheating or having to run constantly. Line 9.48 and various clamps.

sub w/tax = 21.04


Also took off the gas tank, filled it with soapy water, let it dry, still full of big rusty flakes. Bought 20 lbs of fishtank rocks and put them in the tank and shook the crap out of it, literally. This knocked all the rust loose and left me with a nice rough surface for prepping for sealant. Also, naval jellied the tank and painted with gloss black engine paint.

sub w/tax not including rocks = 8.64

12/3/2003 -- Ordered a kit from Bill Hirsch, 396 Littleton Avenue, Newark, NJ 07103 (800)828-2061

This kit had an etching compound, which I think was the same as the naval jelly @ 10.95 and then an alcohol resistant sealer, looked kinda like a two part, white epoxy paint @ 24.00. Seemed to work pretty good, and my fuel is almost pure with only minor traces of rust dust.

sub w/shipping = 45.95

12/16/2003 -- Took the mav in for the "free" brake work. Louie at Lube N Tune found that when I put on new shoes, I crossed over one of the springs and it popped of. I insisted I pay for the work since it wasn't his fault that Craig lit my car on fire.

sub = 20.00


Not taking many pictures at this point.   

Total = 2318.62

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