November 2003

11/20/2003 -- Ordered Edelbrock Street Performer 351W Fuel pump to feed the 6psi 110gph fuel to the Carb @ 81.99

                           Also, Patriot Side Pipes 60" with shield @ 195.99. Not sure if I might go to the 70" next time, when these rust out. Have to see if I can fit them under there. Will be a hassle skirting all the exhaust piping around the steering components, so may just have to live with the 60"

sub w/tax & shipping = 290.57

11/22/2003 -- Tachometer @ 49.99, finally, and some hose clamps, fuel hose, adapters etc

sub w/tax = 84.94

11/28/2003 -- The pipes are in, took them to Lube N Tune (same guy who put the FlowMasters on my Hemi Dodge truck, and did a damned fine job at that!). In the process of taking way too long putting my job later than he should have, he also lit my carpet on fire under the dash board near the fuse box and pedals. The pipe installation looked and sounded really nice, but the fire damage put me way behind. Damage included: loss of all the carpet from the front half of the car, all the insulation on the firewall (aptly named at this point), melted speedometer cable, burned up fuses, loss of dash lighting behing speedo, loss of reverse lights and neutral safety switch on column shifter, and a horrible smell.

He only charged me $100 for installation and offered to fix everything, and have his buddy fix the rear brakes, which were still giving me trouble.


First time I take it in, he lets it sit for a few days without working on it, and while backing it up and down the ramp at night, bungs up my NEW PIPES!!! He is costing me more than he is helping. He gets a speedo cable, gives it to me, and I never bring it back. When I try to install the cable myself, lo and behold! it is the wrong one. I have to buy my own and fix all the stuff he breaks, but that is all next month.

Pictures of pipes later as I fix them up and get the other problems worked out.

total = 2222.99

Listen to Della ROAR!

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