November 2009

11/3/09--Blew out my tach and installed a new one.

11/6/09--Quoted directly from my latest entry in the maverick forum.

Scooper's dyno numbers.

It looks like 264.5 hp total, crossing above 250 hp mark at 4930 rpms, peaking at 4950, and still hovering just above 250 at 6400 when he let off the throttle.

Torque curve hits 260 at 3350 rpm then maxes around 280 a couple hundred rpm later, and stays there dropping steadily until he let off at 6400 when it still read 250 ft/lbs.

Dyno guy said flywheel hp estimated at 330, and got a good laugh when I told him how little cash I have in the engine. He builds top-line engines with blowers and nitrous, and said these were respectable numbers for a naturally aspirated engine, and even more so with the price of the build.

Also said with my weight, I might be looking at low to mid 12s at the track, but I won't find out for sure until I get it track-legal (overflow container and tie down the battery) and actually run it.

On the dyno for 2 hours, 6 pulls. A couple just to watch A/F ratio at various ranges of cruising, then one real pull but he let off at 6k and said it was still pulling, so I told him go to at least 6500.

2nd real pull was leaning out the primaries 2 jets, and picked up 17 hp.

Then he verified that I have 50 degrees total timing, so we took off the vacuum, and I had 28. Lost 5 hp. He told me to go ahead and run the 50 with vacuum and start running premium fuel.

Then we cooled the intake and carb down with a fan and picked up another 5 hp. For a total of 22.5 hp increase over when i pulled in.

$100. I cannot complain

11/11/09--Did a little research on my VIN code.  VIN# 4K91F108000 has lots of zeros in it. Apparently came off the line the 108,000th vehicle that year! Kinda cool to have that even of a number.

4-74 model year
K-Kansas City Assembly Plant
91-Maverick (non-grabber)
F-302 V8, 2bbl, 138 HP
8,000th vehicle off the line.



 Total (rounded) = 6300

Oil Change 59,800 miles

Transmission change 59,800

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