September 2003

I recognized that I was losing horsepower because the original exhaust configuration was all 8 cylinders going into exhaust manifolds, then converging into one 1 1/2" pipe, then a muffler. So, I hacksawed off the muffler. It seemed to pick up some HPs, but sounded like a Harley. The neighbors are now calling me "That guy with the Yellow Car!" Not necessarily in a positive manner, since I tend to start working (and driving) early in the morning on weekends.

Otherwise, I have been attempting to fine-tune the new carburetor. It seems to be running rich, and with some troubleshooting, I have found that I have 2 dead cylinders and 2 weak ones. So, the loping sound I like so much is due to missing, not hi-performance cam (I only wish it had one). I am guessing bent exhaust valves or carbon buildup preventing the valves from seating properly. The valves seem to be moving as they are supposed to, but not sealing in the valve chamber, preventing the correct burning of fuel. Whenever I run the car in the garage, my clothes and the entire house (and the dog) all smell like raw gasoline.

Also, I have a nasty looking gas tank, putting all kinds of rust and dust in the fuel filter. I fear some may be making it to the Carb as well.

Heater is leaking so I lose fluid when it warms up...

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