October 2003

10/07/2003 -- Heater core 19.29 (-10.00 gift certificate)

sub w/tax = 10.88

10/11/2003 -- Rear Brakes still suck. Two new hydraulic cylinders @ 14.99, the beginning of lots of brake fluid @ 2.79

                           Other stuff, octane booster, clips, etc.

sub w/tax = 42.77

10/11/2003 -- E-BAY!!! The beginning of a long and mostly painless relationship. Most of the pain coming from SPAM. I have never received even one piece of spam e-mail, but after joining up with e-bay, I get up to 30 trash messages per day. If I only heeded those messages, I would have a very large penis, extended erections with chemical intervention, no depression, a bigger and better house with 0.2% interest, free cable television, and all the other luxuries that SPAM has to offer. Oh yeah, work in the home and make $10,000 per month!

                          1970 Maverick Car Shop Manual @ 13.49 + 3.00 shipping.

sub w/shipping = 16.39

total = 1847.48

At this time, I begin to rework the heater system. Dash board is on the garage floor, radio (AM only) is trashed, replacing some of the duct work, all the vacuum lines that operate the heater/AC controls, strong fresh vacuum from intake manifold. See November 2003 for pricing.

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