April 2004

4/13/2004 -- Finally got tired of dragging the sidepipes. Over the Easter weekend, I took the big ugly rear bumper off and the reduction of rearend weight lifted the car about 2". Then invested in HiJacker Air Shocks. Got them in from Autozone today, installed them, and got the back end way off the ground. Kinda looks dumb with the small tires, but I now have room for those larger tires when I get the money.

sub w/tax = 64.94

Also, replace the lower tie-rod end, driver side. I had one from Hi-Lo a while back, before the California trip, but never had a chance to install it. Then over Easter weekend, I took it out of the box and found that the rubber boot was rotted and the grease inside was dirty. Didn't look used, since the threads were all clean, but looked as if the package had been opened, and put back on the shelf for a few years.

Still seems a little loose in the steering. Got Anna to turn the steering wheel back and forth while I was under with a flashlight, and found that the very first knuckle where the steering wheel first comes into contact with the powered steering components (called the power steering control valve) was also giving some play. Went ahead and greased all the chassis while I was under there.

sub w/tax = 28.98

4/17/2004 -- Got the new power steering control valve today. Originally got the wrong part, the power steering cylinder(, instead. Got it all swapped out and of course, the valve was twice as expensive. Put it all in, topped off with fresh Dexron III ($5.61) in the p/s pump. Sounds tight, no more rattling nor clicking, feels tight, but now a little too tight. Maybe? Took it around the block and it all feels tight, but the steering wheel does not come back around on it's own like it should. Something somewhere is too tight, but I think I will have the alignment guy look at it. It will probably need an alignment now that I have screwed with the steering linkages.

Found out that the shop next to the Autozone is now owned by Louie, previously from Lube-N-Tune. He said he bought the shop and brought Craig over with him. Since Craig caught the carpet on fire and other damage while doing the pipes, I may have some negotiating power for a cheaper (free!) alignment. Louie says he charges $59 for alignment, which seems kinda high. I would expect $29 or $39. I will check in next week and see what's up.

sub w/tax = 191.61

4/24/2004 -- Disassembled the front hubs/wheel bearings. Bearings look good. No play. New inner seals, greased, reassembled as per Mustang II book. The book describes torque-ing the hub nut by rolling the wheel while torque-ing to 25 ft/lbs, then backing off half a turn, then torque-ing to 15 ft/lbs without rolling. The initial torque is to seat the bearings. I felt much more comfortable doing it this way than just torque-ing to 15 without rolling to seat, as I have done on previous cars in the past.

Still odd when turning. Seems too difficult to turn left, way too easy to turn right. I screwed around with the adjustment screw on the control valve, but seemed to make little difference. I think it is pulling to the right a bit, due to misalignment, and I am mistaking it to be a control valve issue. I will stop screwing with it, literally, and wait until I get it alligned. I might discuss some banter from a website I saw...the guys were discussing alignment data and said that if you adjust the camber(?) -5' it eases up the steering. I cannot remember what website I saw this on and will have to discuss this with my alignment guy. This may be what I need.

sub w/tax = 10.80

total = 3074.44


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