December 2005

12/3/2005--Since the plugs are so close to the headers on the driver side, they began to burn the boots (saw that coming) and began to short out #6 & 7 plug wires. So, I replaced the stock manifold gasket with Dead-Soft aluminum gaskets, which are about 1/16" think, and doubled them up on this side to give me about 1/8" extra clearance. Once this was installed and torqued, it really looks more like 1/4" clearance between the top of the boots and the header tubes. I used the copper sealant that is used on head gaskets between the two sets. Each gasket is 4 layers thick and has grooves so that a serpentine seal is created. These are a little pricey, but can be used indefinitely and reused. I got two packages at $43 each, one set was used on this side, and a single gasket will be used on the passenger side, where I have an audible leak on cylinder 3. One will be left over for later use if needed.


sub w/tax= 86.58

12/16/2005--Trying to save money for a trip to CA for Christmas, with snow skiing for two days, and Christmas gifts for everyone. Not doing any work on the Maverick. In fact, it is covered in the garage ("out of sight, out of mind"). Took it for a drive yesterday just to keep the gas flowing, etc. No more work for December. Maybe a drive or two, but I am staying way away from the Hi-Lo.

Total = 4999.58



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