February 2006

2/5/2006--Started to work on the driver side lean. Started with a very noticeable 1-1/2" lean. Took the air shocks off and installed new Monroes, measured everything, and found myself at a barely noticed 3/4". I need new rear leaf springs, and will buy 4 leaf replacements from JC Whitney. New shackles and rubber bushings will be installed at the same time.

Fuel pressure is unsteady and unpredictable. I drained the gas tank and the fuel looked pretty clean. There was one last piece of stock rubber hose in the middle of the fuel line, about 4" long between two steel lines. I cut the steel line off about 6" back and installed new rubber line with an inline filter. This will filter the gas before the fuel pump. Then disassembled the fuel pump and cleaned it out. It was not noticeably dirty, but wanted to verify it was working correctly. When I put it back in, I used new fuel line again, and cut it shorter for less bends and twists. Also noted a thin layer of oil on that side of the block and all over the fuel pump and oil filter. I traced the oil up to the breather on the valve cover, tried to clean it out for the second time, and decided to just spend $5 and replace it.

2/28/2006--Just driving around, nothing much going on except the money will come in tomorrow so I can buy new leaf springs and shackles, and there is a miss or pop and loss of power when I gun it. Working with Edelbrock and the forum to solve that one.

total =  5068.11



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