February 2007

2/2/07--Still sitting level on jackstands, waiting for me to make seat brackets. Carpet samples are ordered, will likely buy carpet this month. Got 2 M/T ET Street tires needing two rims. Also have 2 14" stock rims, needing new thin tires for race nights.

Runs well, just no seats or carpet...

2/28/07--Didn't get much done this month. BUT, got the carpet delivered (still in the box in the garage). Bought some wheel dollies so I could move the car closer to the wall so Anna's new convertible black Mustang can fit in there with it... Bought 48" braided stainless line in -4ANfor the oil pressure gauge. And put in a thermostatic fan relay today, and tested it out. Works well, fan will stay off until the car heats to 185, then comes on until it cools to 170. Still haven't used the slicks, still have the seats out. I am currently in the process of getting stock bucket seat brackets from wagesofsin, and I will put GT40 heads with roller rockers on from NAFORD302, and send the P heads to wagesofsin for his kid's car.

    Total (rounded) = 6180

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