March 2007

3/2/07--Put in an electric water temp gauge to replace the mechanical one that had to be removed for the thermostatic fan switch. Not adding the price since it is a swap from the old gauge. Had to do some weird brass pipe stuff to put the sending unit into the hot heater hose water line. Basically, a T with the sender lower than the heater hose so the water would actually touch it, then the water passing by and going through the heater core. It appears to be accurate, as the fan kicks on right at 185, and turns off right around 170, just like advertised.

Also installed the AN braided stainless hose for the oil pressure gauge. It was 1/8" compression fitting on the back of the gauge, so I still had to use a small chunk of copper tubing behind the dash, coiled it into a loop for shock support, then out the firewall as braided stainless and into the block. Looks fine on both ends...only you and I will know it has the crappy copper tubing on the inside...

    Total (rounded) = 6180

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