March 2010

3/25/10--WOW! It's been a long time since I updated this thing.

I have been fighting with the trunk, not knowing what exactly to do with it. I want it to look modern, but also cannot get a fitted carpet to put in, and the only thing fitted is a "trunk mat" which has an old 70s pattern to it. So I bought one, and may leave it, I may paint it, or I may put something else over it. I haven't gotten it in the mail yet, so don't know how bad it will look, so I haven't decided.

What I HAVE done is purchased an aluminum sealed battery box, nitrous blow-down tube, and a new welder! I have a gas MIG welder, and a small bottle. So I patched up all the bolt holes in the trunk and figured out where I want everything to be placed, but haven't bolted it down yet.

The carpet didn't lay right, so I pulled it back up and bought the trunk mat. Also, the nitrous bottle needs to slide forward to come free from the brackets, so I complained on the Forum and Bryant suggested that I cut the brackets, weld on a hinge, and VOILA!!!

I also tack-welded the bottom of the bolts on the right side so I can use one hand to tighten/loosen the wingnuts, then flip the top of the brackets out of the way, and pull the bottle straight up missing all the trunk hinges.

The battery box had small holes for the cables to come through with grommets, but I wanted it to be more professional looking and more air-tight than that, so I bought thru-firewall connections, cut the holes to 1-1/4" and ran the connections through the box.

The battery box will be sealed, bolted to the floor, and will have a vent tube running down below the car. Same for the nitrous bottle, with a safety "blow-down" tube in case the bottle overheats and/or over-pressurizes.

Also, I bought a complete serpentine belt system from Justin off the forum. Complete with reverse rotation water pump, A/C compressor, power steering pump, etc. I don't want to run the A/C or power steering, and may simplify it to just run the alternator, water pump, and later add the A/C.

I guess that is it for now. It is spring, and weather is nice, so I hope to finish the trunk this weekend, then plumb the nitrous to the carb, and put on the serpentine belt. Also, I added new headlights. I am not hooking up the little blue bulb, so don't freak out thinking I am making a "drifter" or "tuner" car out of this.

Finally, adding a puke tank...hooked up as a recirculator.


 Total (rounded) = 6730

Oil Change 59,800 miles

Transmission change 59,800

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