October 2007

10/14/07--Haven't done much. Too hot, and I got to work on the jet ski (which is actually more fun to drive when it is 90+ degrees out!!!)

Ed Winegar had a car show at his church and invited all of us Maverickers. Only 3 others showed up besides him, including me, Ed Davis, and Doug Bauer.

I got to show off my new paint job done the day before the show. I have painted the bumpers in gloss black rust-oleum to keep them preserved until I can afford to have them rechromed, and figured I would do the spoiler and trim to match. It looks pretty good for spray can paint, and I might shoot rust-oleum on the rest of the car for a short term paint job to keep the rust down and make it all one color for the next few years. Currently leaning toward silver with black bumpers, spoiler, and hood, and just bought another grill so might paint my grill black and see if I like it.

    Total (rounded) = 6680

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